2 Hours


Join our monthly giving team by giving the wages equivalent to 2 hours of working per month!

2 hours is a significant commitment without breaking the bank. If you work the normal 40 hours a week, it is only 1% for the month.

See how much change you can make with only 2 hours below!


Why Monthly Giving

1.      Convenient – your contribution can be withdrawn directly out of your checking account or from a credit card

which can make it easier for you to budget

2.      Exclusive – monthly givers get to see behind the scenes, get more updates and receive handmade gifts!

3.      Longer impact – your dollars are being invested in life changing work every month

4.      Benefits for Ignite Change – gives us a steady and predictable source of income to ensure we can consistently

reach families in need

Your Impact Per Month



Cost of feeding 8 children breakfast and lunch

(320 meals a month)

ISSB Bricks.jpg


Cost of making 540 bricks

Helen Fabric Cropped.jpg


Capital for one business start-up



1/2 cost of employing a new

Community Outreach Manager