We believe individuals have the talents and desire to provide for their families. 

Ignite Change works alongside families of orphans and vulnerable children to help restore dignity and enable them to financially provide for their household.

The average income for ugandans is

less than $1 a day.

With that one dollar, they have to buy food for their family and pay for rent. Normally there is little left to pay for school fees or for unexpected medical costs.  


Our mission at Ignite Change is to empower families to achieve a bright and sustainable future.

Instead of just a hand-out, we work with these families through business classes and Biblical training to prepare them to build a successful business. 

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Business Classes

Entrepreneurs attend classes to learn skills to help them start businesses or grow current ventures.

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Biblical Training

Every class includes Biblical integration to share the love of Jesus Christ and invite individuals to have a relationship with Him.


Start Up

At the end of the classes, entrepreneurs are given start-up supplies to begin generating income. Examples of these include seeds, livestock and fabric