One Week of Classes Down

One week of classes has been completed. We are excited for every future week that will take place at this school - hopefully thousands upon thousands more! 

Every decision made for the school was carefully planned out. From the roof of the building being slanted to let the hot air escape through the ventilators. To each classroom having round tables instead of desks to encourage group work. "Chalk and talk" is the typical teaching method in Ugandan where the children are lectured all day. 

We praise God for every child that has enrolled in our school! Our expectation was around 100 children. On Friday, we had to cut off enrollment because we had over 200 children! We know these children will be getting a quality education and learn about our magnificent Jesus! Our whole goal as an organization is to empower families for a bright and sustainable future. One of the best ways to accomplish this goal is through education. We are working with both the children and their parents to break the cycle of poverty.

The time the school is needed is NOW! We have students that are 12 years old enrolling in our kindergarten class. These children have never set foot in a school and most likely know little to no English. The teachers and our whole staff have our work cut out for us! But we receive our power from our Great God. 


With the increased amount of children, we need more furniture and supplies for the children. This comes out to be around $40 to give each of the 132 new children a seat, shared table, notebooks, pencils, pens, and eating dishes. Will you please help with this initial cost so that each student has a chair to sit on, a book to write in, and dishes to eat from? Your partnership with us gives not only these beautiful children, but their entire families, the opportunity to come to know Jesus and receive an education and livelihood. Thank you for being part of what GOD is doing here through Ignite Change!