New Community: Kamdini


Kamdini is a town in Northern Uganda that is a crossroads when traveling from Kampala to cities including Lira, Gulu, and Arua. Many buses and vehicles pass through here daily, though it is a town with few stores and businesses. This makes Kamdini a great location to build a technical school! The land is still affordable while reaching both people immediately surrounding the town and getting exposure to the thousands of people traveling through.

Technical School

Technical Skills.png

In Uganda, only 34% of children in Uganda continue to Secondary School. What kind of future would you expect for these uneducated youth? They are stuck being subsistence farmers as their parents were. Because they are not fluent in English, they cannot work outside of their region where there could be better-paying jobs.

The Technical School will serve as a bridge to take students from Primary School / Secondary School dropouts to being able to make a living wage.

Skills such as auto mechanics, carpentry, tailoring, catering, Microsoft Office, and others will be taught at the school. In addition to these skills, there will be English immersion classes to take beginning learners to fluent English speakers. General life skills will include the same areas as community outreach. Students will learn how to make business plans and apply for jobs.

Most importantly, students will learn about God and His unconditional love for them.


December 2019

  • Purchase land in Kamdini

  • Purchase ISSB Machine - already funded! (video below)

January - October 2020

  • Make bricks - 500/day employing 4 people full time

November 2020

  • Start construction