Sickness to health

“Sickness has become history in my life and my family members’. The knowledge I have acquired made me know that not only meat is considered diet which was the case with me for so many years and as a result, I was lacking a balanced diet in my life. I have benefited a lot from the various lessons covered and ever since I started attending the lessons organized by Ignite Change, I have never fallen sick. I used to visit the hospital nearly every week. In addition to that, the trainings have had a very significant impact on me and my family at large since I can now eat a balanced diet with nutritious food and am now healthy.

Concerning the business, my mindset has changed because before the training on business ideas, I used to think of only one business which was pancake selling. Since then, I can think of other businesses like I am currently selling millet flour and brooms among other small-scale businesses. Now, I can save something for the future.” -Apil

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