The groups have chosen their businesses!

Since April, we have been meeting with two groups of vulnerable individuals. In total, there are 24 people representing 24 different families. These particular people were chosen because of their extreme state of poverty. For example, there are 7 grandmothers struggling to take care of their many grandchildren because the children’s parents (their own children) have died.

In a span of 14 weeks, participants learned about how God views them and how they should view work. They learned basic life skills. Then we did a deep dive into matching their passion and assets with what can make a profit. Finally, the participants chose their businesses! And we are getting ready to fund their start up!

Individuals have been divided into teams of 6 to run the businesses as a group. The group members currently make between $0 - $8 a month off their petty businesses. These businesses will be run alongside any ventures they are pursuing now and generate around $40 a month per person!

Community Group 1.jpg

The first group, Obanga Awero “God is Able” chose Produce Buying and Selling then Grinding Machines**.

The second group, Obanga en Mera “God is Love”also chose Produce Buying & Selling and Oxen Plow.

Community Group 2.jpg

Produce Buying & Selling: Groups will be buying produce from farmers in bulk at a low rate. Then sell both small quantities in a shop in their local community and sell large quantities to local factories at a higher rate.

Oxen Plow: Tilling large acres of land here can take a long time and be exhausting. Many families chose to rent a pair of oxen to come plow their field instead. This saves them time and energy that they can use for planting and tending the garden after. These Oxen will be taken to people’s gardens and plow their field for a set rate.

**The first group above originally chose Grinding Machines: Unfortunately, someone outside the group put a grinding machine in the exact location we were planning to. There is not enough market for multiple grinding machines in the same village. So, we worked with the group to come up with a new idea. They also chose oxen plow because 3 of the 6 members have experience and can train the others.

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